With gratitude for the generous support of churches, foundations and individuals, the Christian Science National Benevolence Fund can support those who need assistance in covering the costs for Christian Science nursing and/or Christian Science practitioner care.

The Need

The way in which Christian Science nursing is delivered and paid for has changed in recent years. In the past, most of the Christian Science nursing in Canada was provided by employee Christian Science Nurses working for Christian Science nursing facilities or for Visiting Christian Science Nurse Services. The patients were billed only a small fraction of the real costs of their care, with the care organizations providing benevolence to make up the difference. Today, there are several independent Christian Science Nurses in Canada. Without built-in benevolence, there is a financial problem. Some patients who require extensive nursing care do not have the funds to pay a Christian Science Nurse’s professional wages in full.

Previously, some independent Christian Science Nurses compassionately donated their services or offered them at much reduced rates to meet the need. This often resulted in Christian Science Nurses having to explore other opportunities to supplement their income. Inevitably, this resulted in many Christian Science Nurses being less available for their precious work in the nursing ministry. Today the CSNBF steps in to support the patient by assisting with Christian Science Nurse and Christian Science Practitioner bills.

The Purpose

In 2011, the Christian Science National Benevolence Fund was established to assist those across Canada who are relying on Christian Science for healing, with Christian Science nursing and/or Christian Science practitioner costs, should there be a financial need. Potentially high and unpredictable costs sometimes tempt the patient to feel that reliance on spiritual healing is an unsustainable financial burden. The CSNBF support can remove the concerns for expenses that may dissuade the individual from relying solely on Christian Science. The Fund can help meet these financial challenges and reinforce the patient’s choices so that each one feels God’s complete care, no matter what the material picture.

CSNBF provides assistance with covering care costs as may be billed by a caregiver, including accommodation, travel for nurse or patient, nursing assists and nursing supplies.