1. What is the CSNBF?
We are a Benevolence Fund for those who may need assistance in paying for Christian Science nursing and/or Christian Science Practitioner care.

2. Who can apply for help?
Any student of Christian Science in Canada can apply. A church Care Committee may also apply for assistance for an individual who requires help in completing an application but may not have family to act on his or her behalf.

3. If I have a large bill for care which I cannot afford to pay in full, when can I apply?
If you have a large bill from a Journal-advertising Christian Science Practitioner or from an individual with at least some training as a Christian Science Nurse, you can apply as soon as you have the bill. Attach the bill to your application.

4. How much financial support can I expect?
While we hope that Christian Science nursing fees or other care costs are within your ability to pay, whatever portion you cannot reasonably afford is eligible for assistance.

5. Where do I get an application form to fill out?
You can download and print a copy of our application form by clicking here. Christian Science Nurses and Christian Science Practitioners in Canada also have forms they can supply to you.

6. Do I have to be nursed at home to ask for support?
No, nursing can take place in your home or in a family home or at a Christian Science nursing facility.

7. What if I have other urgent and unexpected needs?
Each situation is considered separately and with compassion. Contact CSNBF.

8. Who decides if I can get help?
A committee of three reviews each application on an individual basis and determines in complete confidence the assistance needed. Applications are reviewed promptly.

9. I want to support this activity. How can I donate to this fund?
Send a cheque to the address below and help support your fellow Christian Scientists in Canada. Alternately, you can use the Donate option on the Support Page of this website. You will receive a receipt for income tax purposes.

For more information contact ourĀ Secretary@csnbf.ca