To ensure that the Christian Science National Benevolence Fund will continue to provide meaningful financial support to those in need, the CSNBF welcomes donations from churches, foundations and individuals any time as they are integral to the Fund’s continuance. An official tax deductible receipt will be provided for donations made to the CSNBF by individuals. Thank you for considering this worthy cause and for your prayerful support of this initiative. The Christian Science National Benevolence Fund is a Canadian registered charity.

CSNBF bylaws call for an annual election of its Board of Directors by the Executive Boards of all Canadian Christian Science churches and societies that wish to participate. An annual report and financial overview of the activities of the CSNBF are forwarded to individual donors upon request, participating churches and societies. A newsletter update is distributed from time to time through Canadian branch churches to inform Christian Scientists on the work of the CSNBF in the field.

To send your tax-deductible donation or for more information —

Christian Science National Benevolence Fund
2020 Waring Road
Nanaimo, British Columbia
V9X 1V1

You may also send a donation online through Paypal, a safe and easy way to send money. Simply click the Donate link below, which will take you to Paypal’s secure transaction link.